Photo of 7th Grade Spanish from Eve Millard

7th Grade Spanish from Eve Millard

By Eve Millard




VoiceThread allows my Spanish students listening, reading, writing and speaking practice and opportunities to improve pronunciation, and it allows me to target any specific theme or skill. It is helpful for both the slower and quick learner as I can ask very closed or open-ended questions for students to respond to.


The VoiceThread was created in 2 evenings. I received technical support to implement the project (get log in names, embed VoiceThread onto my BLOG, get needed equipment). During class, I trained students on how to log on and record voice. During a second class they were able to improve the procedures to allow for smoother log in and microphone use. I asked students to follow up on the VoiceThread from home by typing answers. Once everything was in place, I was able to step back and let the students show me what they could do.

The purpose of the assignment was to provide more focused speaking practice, opportunities for enrichment and remedial practice. The main objectives were for students to engage in practice of speaking, listening and reading skills, and to review and reinforce key concepts from the learning unit. Students were the driving force during the activity rather than the teacher.


Managing the equipment, some malfunctions with microphone during the students’ attempt to record.


  • Keep it simple. Give students questions to respond to.
  • If you are going to use the VoiceThread with more than one class, create a copy and have them log-on to a separate VoiceThread.
  • If the VoiceThread doesn’t work, have students log off and then on again.